The Boston Emergency Medical Services Relief Association (BEMSRA) is an organization created to assist the uniformed EMT’s and Paramedics of Boston EMS. Through small weekly dues of just three dollars a week, both retired and active members are eligible for assistance during financially difficult times in their lives. BEMSRA is also responsible for planning and hosting its yearly award ceremony in May. This event is once a year where we can recognize acts of heroism and professionalism from department members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty during the previous year’s busy 911 medical emergencies in the City of Boston.

This event is paid for with donations from the public, residents, and businesses in the Boston area. We hold several fundraisers during the course of the year trying to raise capitol to reinvest in our members. We also sell advertisement space in a yearbook that is distributed to every guest at the event. This book describes who we are, what we do, and introduces BEMS to you.

In our limited ability we try and help support other similar organizations; during the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, BEMSRA sent dozens of shirts and apparel to our brothers and sisters in the Gulf coast who were experiencing a nightmare event of their own. We also provide for our members by hosting specific fundraisers for them should the need arise during a crisis of their own.

To make a donation, or ask any questions, please contact any member listed on this website. BEMSRA encourages you to help us with our commitment of “Helping Our Own.”